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Как остановить всплывающие окна в вашем веб-браузере

Они просто продолжают появляться. Если вы закрыли один, иногда многие заменяют его. Похоже, что чем «темнее» веб-сайт, который вы посещаете, тем выше вероятность того, что вы столкнетесь с бесконечным каскадом всплывающей рекламы в Интернете. Но даже авторитетные сайты, такие как Weather.com и Lifewire.com, используют всплывающую рекламу в качестве инструмента маркетинга.

Для пользователей по широкополосному соединению они могут быть немного больше, чем раздражение. Однако некоторые домашние интернет- пользователи все еще подключаются через медленные или даже коммутируемые соединения. При такой скорости информация, которую вы на самом деле хотите, может загружаться на ваш экран вечно. Вы, конечно, не хотите тратить трафик, загружая два или три экрана, которые вы даже не запрашивали.

For computers that aren’t kept up to date with patches from the operating system and respective application vendors and computers that aren’t running current antivirus or firewall software, these pop-up windows can also pose a security risk on some of those “shadier” sites.

Pop-up Ads

By using malicious code hidden within the HTML that makes up the web page an attacker can wreak all sorts of havoc on an unprotected machine. Even something as simple as clicking on the ‘X’ on the pop-up window to shut it down can actually lead to installing a Trojan, worm, or other malware. Of course, if you don’t keep your machine patched and don’t protect yourself with some sort of firewall and antivirus software its probably only a matter of time before you have much bigger issues.

You can’t block these ads by turning off a feature or service in the operating system (like you can for Messenger Service spam) and you can’t block the port at the firewall because they are normal port 80 web traffic like the sites you actually want to visit. Blocking the port would also cut you off from the rest of the World Wide Web.

Thankfully, there is a whole slew of tools and 3rd-party utilities to help you regain control over when and how pop-up or pop-under or any other ad appears on your screen. Current versions of MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and even some old versions of Internet Explorer contain native functionality to block pop-up / under ads.

PanicWare, Inc. offers a free tool called Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition. The Free Edition works with Internet Explorer, Firefox (or other Mozilla browsers) and Netscape web browser software. It provides basic blocking of pop-up / under ads and you can get free updates as the marketers figure out new ways to bypass your blocking and get their ads on your screen. There are other versions including Pop-Up Stopper Professional which includes the ability to block Messenger Service spam and control cookies among other things.

The list of available products is long and growing fast as users struggle with how to handle the onslaught of pop-up ads and developers seek to capitalize on their frustration by releasing products to help the users deal with the invasion. You can try the Google Toolbar or Stop The Pop-Up.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and get more protection for your whole system while blocking pop-up ads check out a firewall. Current versions such as Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2006 or ZoneAlarm Pro contain features to block pop-up / under ads as well as banner ads. They also contain other features to help protect your privacy while surfing the web which may help reduce the amount of spam email you receive. Of course, they also restrict or control traffic into and out of your computer like a firewall should.

Advertising on the Web is somewhat of a catch-22. The websites, whether reputable and legitimate or of a somewhat lower moral character, have to make money. Advertising is one of the key revenue generators for most sites. But, because websites don’t take commercial breaks they have to get your attention somehow. Nobody likes those little business reply cards that fall out of every other page of a magazine either, but they get your attention so they keep doing it. Marketers will always come up with new and more clever ways to get their message in front of you. You just need to try and keep up and take back some control over how and when you choose to view their message.

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